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About DJ Keto

When I first started the ketogenic diet, one of the friends introduced to me bulletproof coffee. At that point of time I discovered it, I realised how effective it was in keeping my stomach so full that I would be able to eat only 1 or 2 meals a day.

Since then, I’ve been preparing to make my own bulletproof coffee daily at home for breakfast before going to work. But I eventually began to be lazy, and end up brewing my own coffee less and less.

It was harder to get out of my bed every morning just to make coffee, adjusting its taste before I go to work, so I eventually stopped consuming it.

This was until a trip that I took to Korea. While I was in Korea, I went to a cafe to meet a friend and have some coffee and chat. While browsing the refrigerator section, I came across ‘butter coffee’. After checking the contents of it, I realised that it’s the same bulletproof coffee that I had been consuming!

I was shocked to discover canned bulletproof coffee as they were nowhere available in Singapore. I tried it and the taste was even better than what I have brewed previously! As such, in a Mission to find the best tasting butter coffee, I went on to purchase many different brand of butter coffee and trying them.

After tasting more than 10 different kinds of butter coffees, i carefully ran through different ingredient contents and the taste of each butter coffee. Finally, as a result I felt that Mynormal’s Butter Coffee was the best!

This is the tastiest and also the cleanest in terms of ingredients compared to the other butter coffees that we have tried

MyNormal is the first brand in Korea to have come up with the idea of convenient butter coffee that allows you to drink it anywhere and anytime. Till today, it is also the most popular and tastiest choice of butter coffee in Korea!

We also bring to you other variations and different types of keto beverages and condiments such as our Decaffeinated mocha and liquid type Allulose that makes cooking such an ease!

DJ Keto’s Mission is to continue to source and bring for you the best ketogenic snacks and beverages from not just Korea, but also from other countries that are tasty, convenient and unique!