About Us

DJ KETO was founded with the belief that following the Keto Diet should never be difficult.

Most people give up too easily or early on the Keto Diet because they find it difficult to adhere to. Some find it too confusing, and don’t know what to eat and what not to eat. Others find it troublesome to stick to the diet as most conventional restaurants don’t have dishes that adhere by the guidelines of the diet. On top of that, they feel like they have to give up their favourite foods and snacks in order to stick to the Keto Diet and lose the weight that they have been dreaming of losing!

And that is why we created DJ KETO. We sell great tasting Keto-friendly foods and snacks that are usually ready to consume, or easy to prepare. All our products have been taste-tested by ourselves personally to ensure that you will enjoy eating and drinking whatever you buy from us. Best of all, you can enjoy yourself while working towards your dream body, or maintaining your weight!